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well, you found it.

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Welcome to The Vault:
my little secret hiding place on the internet
where I like to store stuff that's, well.. 
Here you'll find unreleased music, vlogs, music videos, and really whatever else that strikes my fancy but might not strike everyone else's. Which is why it's placed here. Just the fact that you're here means you must really enjoy the stuff I create.
With that being said, make yourself at home.

- xo Charley

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Lying happens to be the first song I ever wrote with Liz Moriondo, a woman who would later become one of my greatest friends and even a bridesmaid in my wedding. We met through a mutual cowriter I tracked her down at one of her shows to tell her how impress-

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october 6 2016

ed I was with her. Liz actually released her own version of Lying where you can stream here. Also, follow her on Instagram and let her know I sent you!

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So I was driving into a writing session one morning and as my drive went on, my frustration with the music I was hearing on the radio was growing with every song that played. I hate to say it about my own industry, but lets just say I formed some

pretty strong opinions about the country music songwriting industry that day. And I thought it only be right to communicate those opinions through a song. This one's one of my favs. Cowritten with Jeff Wanex and Justin Lowry.

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