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Want to hear some of the music that's going on the album? Here's an acoustic Sanctuary Sessions video of one of my favorites, the song that actually inspired the album itself.

How Much Have We Raised So Far?


almost to $5,000!

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It's time to find the Sparkly Feelings.

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When I first started writing music, I did so most often cross-legged on the carpet of my childhood bedroom closet.


I'd come home from school, burdened with whatever feelings and emotions plagued my teenage heart at the time, and find purposeful release in that makeshift isolation booth.  I'd strum and sing myself silly beneath a menagerie of hanging graphic tees and sundresses.


It was truly the most perfect place to be. The place where my thoughts, my fears, my dreams–all of me–was safe. I found my purpose in 60 square feet. This closet is where I'd write my first songs and where I'd experience my first sense of flow as a professional songwriter.

This is where I found those Sparkly Feelings.

It's easy to assume when you're someone who's been given a gift others would dream of having, that you don't have anything to complain about. Life should go pretty simply for you, right? 


"How could you even hesitate to share your gift with the world? That's selfish."

"What's so hard about singing and recording some songs?"

"Is it what you were made to do or not?"

"Who do you think you are?"

These are questions that, for years, I feared I'd be asked if I were to reveal the true insecurities I'd grown to collect throughout my adult life. Like if I were to lift the mask off long enough for people to really see me, they'd see holes in my eyes.  They'd find nothingness where sparkles used to be; the evidence of missing pieces of myself long lost with age.

Years went by, and all of a sudden, that girl singing her heart out in her closet was gone, along with any sparkly feeling she'd ever seemed to have. And I dreaded the day when the world found out that–

I'm the one who killed her.

At least, that's what I thought had happened. (Dramatic, I know.) Eventually, I started finding slivers of the truth and realized that it wasn't, in fact, wasn't my fault and that I hadn't killed anything.

One night, I was home alone in mine and my husband's apartment in Alabama and couldn't stop crying. During the pandemic, I'd accepted a job as a full-time worship pastor for a church in Huntsville and was feeling extremely isolated. For those who don't know, ministry can be very taxing. But worship leaders are often the first to be left feeling like they're on an island, siloed, or just generally misunderstood. And I was no exception.

In between sobs and these waves of sadness coming out in tears, I look over to the corner of the living room where I kept my guitar. I gazed at it, wondering when the last time was that I'd used it to play my own songs–not someone else's.


That night, I sat down cross-legged and wrote the first song that would inspire this album.

Obviously, there is so much more to this story. Much of which is still being told today. But thank God for His goodness, His faithfulness, and therapy. Because with all of those things, I started a journey to find my sparkly feelings again.


And now it's time I share them.

As I mentioned a moment ago, it's a common misconception that artists have it easy. If you've been following me for any time at all, you've probably heard my rants and woes of how challenging the life of an independent artist can be.


I'm not sure what God's plans are for my career in the future or what people He may choose to place in my path. But right now, it's just you and me.


I make the music, write the content, film the videos, book the sessions, build the web pages (like the one you're on now), edit the vlogs, pay the producers, curate the film crew, manage the books, hit record, change the strings, buy the gear, enter the expenses, file the taxes, book the shows, negotiate the contracts, and (most importantly) brew the coffee.

And then you listen to the music!

I've worked hard over the last three years to truly believe in myself again and to believe in what I have to say.  Needless to say, making music takes a lot of guts and resources. Fortunately, this recent season has taught me where to find the guts within myself to keep telling my story. So, that one gets a checkmark in the form of 10 songs I've spent the last several years writing and playing for you at shows.


As for the resources, that is where you come in.

What It Takes To Make A Record:



It's my record, but it's your money. And you deserve to know how it's being spent.

Especially if you're unfamiliar with the process. Here is where your $25,000 will go:


$25,000 =

Recording + Production

Although I've curated a modest home studio for myself, it simply cannot accomplish the kind of shaping and producing that these 10 songs deserve. Fortunately, I have some incredibly talented producers who know exactly how to bring these songs to life and have already done so for a couple. (Believe me. They're INCREDIBLE.)


The stuff that actually turns the wav files we recorded into Spotify-ready tracks.


Speaking of Spotify, did you know it costs money to actually put your songs on Spotify? Anywhere you find my music, online AND in physical form, that was distributed to you in that way and costs money to do.


You didn't think I was gonna make all this music and not make you some swag to wear with it, did you? Yeah. Here come the beanies. Here come the T-shirts.


The most often forgotten and neglected expense. I actually work in music marketing aside from my own music, and I'm proud to say I've become somewhat of a pro of how to actually market effectively. (Chances are, you've seen one of my ads before.)

public relations

If I raise a certain amount of funds, I'll be able to hire a publicist to take care of all other types of promotion that I can't do myself. Things like album reviews, interviews, legitimate publication write-ups, etc.

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I've created (by hand) some Exclusive Merch items that will only be given to all donors. In addition to limited run merch and periodic production updates, every donor will be named in the album's credits. Wanna see the limited run poster? Click below.

I'm ready to do this. I'm ready to finally give you the music you've been asking for. I'm ready to tell my story on my terms.

I'm scared as hell. But that's what makes it good.


As a reminder, not all contributions to this project need to be financial. Sharing this page to your friends, social media, and anyone who you'd think would enjoy what I'm creating does so much more than you know. Whatever way you choose to give, I appreciate you so so much. It's because of you I do this.

Thank You.

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