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hey, friend

The time we've gotten to spend together in worship has been really really cool. It's been wonderful getting to know you, and witness what God is doing in your life.


To commemorate the experience, I thought I'd give you a little gift.

If you didn't know, I am an independent recording artist, and write my own music. But in addition to that, I also love to record worship music.

Below, you'll find links to where you can keep in touch with me, in addition to a little YouTube playlist I've put together for you. Many of the songs you've probably heard from me before, but these are some fuller production versions.

Lastly, and most importantly, if you ever need someone to talk to, receive advice from, or just to listen..

Please send me a DM or email.

I'm here.

- Charley

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Here's that YouTube playlist I mentioned. Play the first song here, or click the button below to see the full playlist on YouTube.

When I'm not leading worship I'm writing folk/Americana music and playing shows. If you're interested in hearing some of my original songs, become a Charleader, and gain access to The Vault below.

And if you're really into the things I make and want to support my music career, you can do so for literally $1, and get access to a TON of content I don't anywhere else on the internet.

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